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Lansyn’s machining production steps

What is our standard machining step for orders?

1>   1>Evaluation the production cost from raw material,product time,quantity.We also offer technical suggestions to reduce cost.

2>Quotation approved,then we start to prepare production documents for each department,order raw material and prepare the machining program

3>When raw material is available for production,then machine is started to operate according to designed program.

4>We have QC to inspect the first article item,if all dimension is correct,we continue the production to finish all extra quantities.

5>Arrange surface finish if there is such requirement.

6>If there is any surface finish,we will arrange QA to check the surface finish treatment,then start packing if there is no quality issues.

7>We will send photos together with packing details to customer for double checking.

8>We arrange air or sea shipment after getting customers’ confirmation.

9>Contact customers for parts comments after goods arrived.

Above steps are our production standard,please contact us for more information if you are interested.


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